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The Life Plan

Christine Kenny; The Life Plan

Working with me 1:1

with life transformation

This is the ultimate transformation package. If you stuck and feeling hopeless, if you are wondering where your life has gone and desperately want to start living again then this is for you.

Fusing my nutritional knowledge, my years of coaching, NLP, time line therapy and hypnosis you are going to transform into the women you were destined to be.

Being your true self

I believe that so many women have lived in their own shadow for too long. Women put themselves last, they always put other people’s needs before their own, mix that with the patriarchal society that we live in and you have a women staying small and in the shadows.

It’s your time, you can live your best life and I’m here to show you how

Read on to see if The Life Plan is for you:

Your investment for this life changing program is £2330

This is a 8 week program and includes;

Your investment for this life changing program is £2330


kind words from members

It’s weird because my clothes are definitely looser. I was wondering what I had done to lose the weight then I realised that I had completely stopped going to the fridge & grazing! I have dieted for my entire adult life, I’ve done everything and now I’m not on a diet and I can actually eat food without guilt. The mindful eating really opened my eyes that I can enjoy food and listen to my body. I am also taking better care of myself, walking more, my knees no longer hurt, I’m just doing so much more. Sometimes I feel sad about how much time I wasted but I try to be positive and remember how good it feels now especially when I enjoy my cheese and crackers. Thank you Christine

Anne 1:1 12 week program

I loved working with Christine! She gave me a fresh new outlook on my nutrition and to look beyond just calories in and out but gave me a lot of knowledge about the importance of the food in a long term view in regards to health and wellbeing. She also introduced me to weight training which I was scared of trying as I always thought it may bulk me up.

Kasia 1:1 12 week program

I have tried every diet going, I decided to give it one last shot before I went down the surgery route  & I’m so happy that I did.

I wanted to take my kids on a dream holiday to Disney Land but I was too big for the rides and embarrassed that I would need an extra seat on the plane. 

Sadly the holiday was postponed due to Covid,  but I DID lose the weight in time and I’m still slowly losing weight.  I don’t feel like I’m on  a diet, I’ve just become aware, Christine said I can eat whatever I want but truth is we rarely have takeaways anymore, they just don’t taste the same and don’t fill me with joy. 

If you’re in a rut and don’t know where to turn, go to Christine, I can’t recommend her enough!!!

Jill 1:1 12 week program

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