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Ditch the Diet Workshop

Ditch the Diet & Get Your Life Back

Ditch the Diet & Get Your Life Back

Online self-paced workshop

This workshop will help you uncover your food beliefs and food rules. It is so important to be aware of your beliefs in order to make changes. Once uncovered you can work on moving forward with new beliefs: the belief that your body is yours, that it responds to your needs not manufactured diets and misplaced values. You only have one body – you can relearn how to love, respect, and nourish it.

All ladies in my membership or working with me 1:1 receive access to this 6 module workshop.
The workshop is also available as a stand-alone option here or visit the membership page.

About the Workshop

I have designed the workshop to enable you to work through the principles at your own pace. The workshop is very insightful and a lot of women say they keep uncovering more and more unhelpful beliefs as they work through the modules. Uncovering those existing beliefs and realising how they do not serve your interests is key to listening and respecting your body.

When you have the awareness you can start to put in place a new way of eating, a way that makes you feel both nourished and in control.

This workshop will guide you through everything you need to know to stop dieting and take control for good.

What you will learn

Read on to see if the workshop is for you:

Module One

Module Four

Module Two

Module Five

Module Three

Module Six


Here are some reactions so far from the workshop alone, so far there has been lots of revelations and a lot of mindset shifts.

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Ditch the diet
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