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Ditch the Diet Program

Ditch the diet

Ditch the Diet Program​

My Anti Diet Method

Ditch the diet & get your life back ™ is my revolutionary method for helping you take control of your food behaviours and stop dieting for good.

Trust is the foundations all relationships are built on.

If you cannot trust your body to make food decisions, you will never heal your relationship with food.

I don’t do diets

They simply don’t lead to effective long term results and after working for so long in the weight loss industry I can tell you that no diet will bring long term change. This is because it’s not about moving more and eating less, it’s not about following a plan and then trying your hardest to keep the weight off.

What it is actually all about is changing your relationship with food and to do that, you have to stop dieting, and most importantly you have to stop trying to lose weight. Yes you read that correctly! The pursuit of weight loss keeps you in the diet cycle, and until you stop dieting you will never have control over your food decisions, you will always be questioning your food choices, you will continue to cycle through binge and restriction until you eventually realise how much of your life has been wasted trying to be the perfect size or have the perfect diet.

To stop dieting or pursuing unrealistic health goals and to simply take control and work with your body you need to find Food Freedom™. My work adopts a holistic approach and involves all aspects of nutrition, lifestyle, behaviour, mindset and time. I offer this whole lifestyle approach to changing your relationship with food and your body. At the heart of it all is a love of nutrition and love of helping people improve their health and wellbeing.
​I’ve seen first-hand how destructive dieting can be on the body and how diet culture locks so many women into feeling controlled by food and unconfident about their bodies.

When my clients come to me, they’ve become stuck in an endless cycle of dieting, losing weight and then gaining it back again. This happens over and over again as you move through cycles of restrictions and binge eating.
But it CAN be stopped and you CAN live a life without dieting or feeling like a failure because the weight didn’t stay off. I’ll help you find food freedom and peace with your body.

Food Freedom™ involves accurate nutrition education, self-love, listening to your intuition, removing some deep ingrained beliefs and habits, ditching all food rules, improving the relationship between you and your body, and above all providing loving support.

You can learn how to stop dieting in my Ditch the Diet program

Read on to see if the program is for you:

There are many more reasons and most of my clients feel like this when we first start working together: 

You can get your life back, like the hundreds of women I work with. When you ditch diets you are free to get on with your life, stop second guessing your choices, stop worrying about going on holiday or not having anything nice to wear. Take control take your life back now, once and for all. You can stop the Yo-Yo and I can’t wait to help you.

If you are still unsure, let’s talk about why you’ve been stuck in the endless diet cycle and why dieting and the pursuit of weight loss will never work. 

Dieting doesn’t work. 

When you stop dieting, you gain back the weight you lost – and usually a lot more! 

It’s not because you have no willpower and self-control. It’s because dieting isn’t a long-term solution. It’s not sustainable. And it works against your body’s natural biology. Dieting wrecks your metabolism, yo-yo dieting and weight cycling causes your body to be great at storing fat. News flash – that’s what your body wants to do. Society may have evolved but our bodies haven’t kept up. Persistent dieting tells your body that it needs to store fat because that’s how it’s going to survive. That’s why you always gain more fat, because your body becomes a great fat storage machine. You lose muscle mass in the process so it’s even easier to store fat. 

However, that’s far from the only problem with dieting. In my opinion the biggest problem are the food rules and beliefs. These are the most important thing that you need to ditch in order to take control of your body, give it what it needs and end the war.

If you want to become the healthiest and most confident version of yourself, it’s time to work with your body and change your relationship with food. 

Why my programme works

Together, we’ll get you to this point:

In the membership

You have full access to the workshop
I cover these topics
What is a healthy lifestyle and how you can include all foods in your diet?
How to eat foods to nourish your body & soul.
Intuitive eating - How to incorporate all foods in your diet (you won’t just want to eat pizza!)
Metabolism - How to increase daily activity for health & wellbeing.
How to include structured exercise and why.
Learn about mindset and self-belief and trust that you can make long-term changes.
You will lose the dieting mindset and find food freedom ™
Improve your confidence and learn to be the best version of you!
What’s included?
A 1:1 consultation with me
6 online modules
Weekly Zoom meetings for bonus trainings, mindset and planning, guest training from a psychologist, yoga,
meditations, tapping therapy, Q&A sessions, and support/accountability.
Support and accountability in the Private Facebook group from me and the other ladies!
We know what happens when women come together so expect support!!
If you are not on Facebook you will have support from me via a private app.
If you need extra support and life coaching you can upgrade to VIP membership,

Are you ready to ditch diets for good and finally find food freedom?

Join today by choosing an option below. Hurry because spaces are limited and my cart closes as soon as the group is full!!


kind words from members

This is the first time in my adult life that I feel like I have a sensible relationship with food. I feel comfortable in making choices which reflect how my body feels at the time. I am much more aware of my hunger, if that is stomach hunger or emotional hunger. I even left food on my plate – the would never happen before! I’ve absolutely loved this program! Thank you so much Christine.   


I found the course really enlightening and liberating. I am now confident and liberated from DIETS. I am on my way to feeling healthier and fitter than I have for many years, I am now mindful of what I eat and how I eat. Thank you for freeing me.

Ditch the diet member

Good informative programme providing me with the foundations to move forward to a healthier me! 

Ditch the diet member

I’m so glad I did this. I feel much better mentally with food and have begun picking apart my learned behaviour

Ditch the diet member

This was a really insightful program that has changed the way I perceive and react to my food choices. I have for many years had a negative and draining relationship towards food having tried and failed at every diet on the market. Weight lost was always invariably regained due to my failure to grasp the reasons behind my overreacting. Thanks to this program, I am equipped with the knowledge and mindset to have a long term healthy relationship with food. Christine was so knowledgeable and supportive throughout and I would encourage anyone who has struggled with food to join one her groups- you will not be disappointed!

Ditch the diet member

I felt empowered to make more balanced choices and not to feel guilty about enjoying food. I hope to be able to pass this on to my family and remove the stigmas associated with certain types of food, so that they too can make balanced choices.

Ditch the diet member

I have tried every diet going, I decided to give it one last shot before I went down the surgery route  & I’m so happy that I did.

I wanted to take my kids on a dream holiday to Disney Land but I was too big for the rides and embarrassed that I would need an extra seat on the plane. 

Sadly the holiday was postponed due to Covid,  but I DID lose the weight in time and I’m still slowly losing weight.  I don’t feel like I’m on  a diet, I’ve just become aware, Christine said I can eat whatever I want but truth is we rarely have takeaways anymore, they just don’t taste the same and don’t fill me with joy. 

If you’re in a rut and don’t know where to turn, go to Christine, I can’t recommend her enough!!!

Jill 1:1 12 week program

I loved working with Christine! She gave me a fresh new outlook on my nutrition and to look beyond just calories in and out but gave me a lot of knowledge about the importance of the food in a long term view in regards to health and wellbeing. She also introduced me to weight training which I was scared of trying as I always thought it may bulk me up.

Kasia 1:1 12 week program

It’s weird because my clothes are definitely looser. I was wondering what I had done to lose the weight then I realised that I had completely stopped going to the fridge & grazing! I have dieted for my entire adult life, I’ve done everything and now I’m not on a diet and I can actually eat food without guilt. The mindful eating really opened my eyes that I can enjoy food and listen to my body. I am also taking better care of myself, walking more, my knees no longer hurt, I’m just doing so much more. Sometimes I feel sad about how much time I wasted but I try to be positive and remember how good it feels now especially when I enjoy my cheese and crackers. Thank you Christine

Anne 1:1 12 week program

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