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Hello & Welcome Deliciously Diet free

I’m Christine Kenny, mum to 3 happy humans, 2 very friendly dogs and 1 moody cat. I’m an empath and mix my intuition with my scientific knowledge to get transformational results for all the women I work with. I like to help people be happy and content. I work hard to find solutions to their problems and I’m good at it!

I enjoy chatting with friends, being with my family, laughing, gossiping, walking and I love weight training. I love to cook, especially for other people, and I love all sorts of food, especially vegetables and chocolate but not together! I suppose the combination of all of the things I love brought me to what I do.

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I’m a Registered Dietitian, but when people hear the word Dietitian they think of the food police! It’s a common misconception that Dietitians only eat ‘healthy’ food and expect you to as well, but it’s simply not true; that’s actually a food belief. You will hear me talk a lot about food beliefs and food rules.

More specifically, I’m an Anti-Diet Dietitian. I don’t believe in strict diets, food avoidance and food rules. What I do believe is that all food can be included in a healthful diet and that our health is not just about the food we eat and the exercise we do. Food has the potential to keep us healthy but it’s also so much more. 

I’ve always been interested in food, in the tastes, flavours, textures, combinations, in how ingredients can be transformed into something wonderful to eat. I remember my Grandma had a little book on cider vinegar and although I now know that to be bad science it really got me thinking about the effects of the food we eat and drink can have on our body. Gradually over time my interest in food and love of cooking developed into my study of the science of nutrition.

Food fascinates me, and for more than just taste and nutrition. Food brings people together, food is at the core of our life; yes we must eat to survive, but food also binds us together as family, friends, and communities. Whether the occasion marks a birth, remembers a life or celebrates a marriage, food is part of every cultural celebration. Life revolves around food, food evokes emotion, food makes you feel satisfied and loved.

Yes, food is amazing BUT it causes so many problems, which I believe all stem from the misinformation from diet and wellness culture with its food rules and misconceptions about health and body size. 

I started my Dietetic career in oncology, I quickly moved up to a specialist consultant Dietitian and I went on to gain experience in a variety of settings: gastroenterology nutrition, community nutrition, weight management, complex obesity and sports fitness nutrition.

I soon discovered  that at the heart of all the nutrition problems were underlying food rules. Through my career I have seen the negative effects that these food rules on people’s lives, from the severely ill and malnourished through to the outwardly-looking physically fit. I have seen people who were severely malnourished, unwilling to eat sugar and fat because they believed it was bad for them. I have seen people avoiding fruit and becoming vitamin deficient, people not eating carbs and overexercising. Fixation on food rules not only creates physical problems but also causes so much mental anxiety and can potentially lead to life-threatening eating disorders and (a relatively new term) disordered eating.  

Seven years ago I started to specialise in weight loss and fitness. I noticed that these food rules and the associated pursuit of weight loss was extremely damaging. Dieting has a negative effect on mental well-being, on the body’s metabolism and on an individual’s self- esteem. 

I have seen first-hand how destructive dieting is to the body and how the diet mindset controls and takes away an individual’s ability to make food choices and feel confident in their bodies. And so I started on my mission to stop promoting weight loss and instead help women like you build a better relationship with food and your bodies. 

I can tell you that following a particular food rules and beliefs are what trap you in the diet cycle and affect your relationship with your body, self-esteem, self-belief and cause you to binge or overeat. Food rules and beliefs come to affect all of your food decisions and while you may want to lose some weight, eating purely for weight loss will keep you locked in the diet cycle.

I have drawn on all my experience and knowledge to create my revolutionary method, which you can read more about here (link to Ditch the Diet & Get Your Life back ™). My method allows you to listen to your body, to eat for nourishment and to enjoy your food without guilt or anxiety about gaining weight. My method frees you from restricting and bingeing. It enables you to take back control.

Clinical Nutrition

If you are looking for Clinical Nutrition please see
Clinical Nutrition – Christine Kenny Registered Dietitian (
I have a wide range of experience within the NHS and private practice. I use my knowledge and expertise to help you optimise your nutrition.
Changes to your diet can be difficult and you may feel overwhelmed especially following a recent diagnosis or if you are in recovery. I work with you to find a solution that is manageable and achievable for you.


kind words from clients

Christine runs a healthy eating/food myth busting session on a survivorship course that I run for people recovering from cancer treatments. The food the group made was easy to make, really healthy and tasted amazing! The whole group really enjoyed the session.  It was good fun, really informative and put a lot of minds at rest in respect of the plethora of diet myths and scares that are out there. A great session, thank you. 


As part of our Health and Wellbeing Initiative, Christine Kenny Nutrition & Fitness Ltd very kindly came in recently and provided our team with a fantastic health and nutrition workshop. We are always striving to ensure our team is as healthy and happy as possible!


Christine provided amazing advice to my father, who had recently had a fall and was looking to build his stamina. She recommended lots of delicious foods to eat, which had been on my father’s “No” list from visiting a dietician over 20 years earlier. Without Christine’s help, we wouldn’t have felt confident about increasing calories, protein and snacks in the way we did. A few weeks later, my 89 year old father is benefiting from being able to do more and walk further. The regular check-ins and progress monitoring has really helped him in achieving his goals. Thank you, Christine!


Cannot recommend Christine highly enough, she knows her stuff and helped me reach my goals after years of trying every fad out there.