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Christine Kenny; The Life Plan

Deliciously Diet-Free

welcome to the anti-diet movement

I'm Christine, anti-diet Dietitian and transformational coach, and I help ladies stop dieting and instead learn to truly nourish their bodies, find food freedom and take control.

If you have come here with a desire to take control and learn how to nourish your body and soul then you have found the right place.

If you have come here looking to lose weight I'm here to tell you that dieting is not the answer, you have found the right place though!

Break free of diets

build healthy relationships with food

I’ve seen first-hand the damaging effect that dieting has on women’s lives, on our wellbeing and self-worth. Even if you want to lose weight I can tell you that dieting is not the answer. Less than 7% of dieters successfully keep weight off after twelve months. You already know this right, because you have been on and off diets for your adult life, if not longer?

To stop dieting you need to heal the relationship between food and your body, and trust me, when you can do this then you will never have to diet again and you will never judge your self-worth by your body again. In fact, you stand to gain so much more!

Diet and wellness culture keeps women small, under control, keeps us constantly self-doubting and second-guessing our opinions, brainwashing us that we must conform to a feminine standard and that our bodies should look a certain way.

You can break free, you can level up, you can build a healthy relationship with food and find body peace but to break free from the shackles of diet culture and live your best.

My program is revolutionary; you will not only stop dieting but you will transform from feeling repressed and lacking control to living with confidence and clarity. You can enjoy every meal, every mouthful. No more worrying about calories, whether a food is fattening or suitable, no more stressing about what food is available at the party because it might not fit your diet plan.

You can start living your own life again, and I can’t wait to help you.

My Programmes

Ditch the diet
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